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Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes

healthier, happier feet start here!

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Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes
Today's diabetic shoes fit your lifestyle!
Diabetic shoes are specially constructed to protect your feet. They are also extra deep to accommodate special inserts, which are either heat-molded to your feet or custom made. Special features and materials combine to provide your feet with the extra protection they need.  In order to qualify for Medicare reimbursement, shoes and inserts must meet certain criteria and must be submitted for approval and coding. These special shoes and inserts must be prescribed by your doctor and professionally fit by a qualified foot care professional, if Medicare reimbursement is desired.  

Diabetic Shoes With Comfort and Style

When people wear the term "therapeutic shoes," they often think of ugly, bulky, old black shoes. Today’s diabetic shoes come in many beautiful colors and styles – just like regular shoes. Providers today understand that if you don’t love your shoes, you won’t enjoy the health benefits because you simply won’t wear them.

Diabetic Shoes & Footwear

Munson Community Health Center Pharmacy and Bay Shore PharmacyPharmacy, your local Good Neighbor Pharmacies & Diabetes Shoppes, carry Dr. Comfort Quality Diabetic Footwear.

Highlights of these shoes:

  • Extra width & depth in the toe box and forefoot area helps prevent pressure on swollen feet, bunions, hammertoes & other problem areas.
  • Padded heel counter prevents irritation.
  • Leather lining keeps feet cool & dry.
  • Padded tongue reduces friction & improves fit.
  • Non-skid long-wearing, light-weight outsole for better traction.
  • Lightweight design reduces daily fatigue.
  • Finest quality top grain leather shapes to the feet for improved comfort.

Attention Medicare Patients with Diabetes:

Qualifying Medicare patients can receive one pair of Dr. Comfort shoes each calendar year!

If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, and have one or more of the following conditions:

                        1) Poor circulation

                        2) Foot deformity

                        3) Pre-ulcerative callus

                        4) History of foot ulceration

                        5) Peripheral neuropathy with a history of callus formation

                        6) Previous amputation of foot or part of foot

Have your physician complete the two-part form that includes the Prescription for Therapeutic Footwear and the Statement of Certifying Need.  Then, bring the form in and we can set up an appointment with one of our Certified Fitters to get a new pair of Dr. Comfort shoes.  We bill Medicare* and any secondary insurances for the shoes.  

*80% of the cost will be covered by Medicare and the remainder 20% may be covered by a secondary insurance such as Blue Cross.  Contact us for details.

What's new at Dr. Comfort

Summer is just around the corner and Dr. Comfort has a new line of sandals!  It is called the "Open Comfort Collection."  They come in 4 different styles and each style have a couple different colors to go along with it.  Exotic textures and classically appointed jewel accessories highlight the women’s styles in our Open Comfort Collection. For the men, a removable back strap to convert to a slide. All styles have removable footbeds for custom orthotics!  Feel free to come into the MCHC Pharmacy to get a pair for yourself!

Beauty, style and comfort. Finally, the elegance of a heeled shoe designed specially for women with diabetes. Our patent pending forefoot design provides forefoot pressure relief and the BOA® closure system provides a secure fit that allows the wearer to adjust for comfort.  Yes, it's a diabetic shoe!  Get a prescription from your doctor and come on in to get fitted for these shoes!  Or, if you would like to just purchase a pair, as always you can come right in to Bay Shore Pharmacy or MCHC Pharmacy to get fitted for a pair!

NEW X-Sole Relief Technology

Created by Dr. Comfort, the new X-Sole Relief Technology in our Flex-OA Comfort Footwear Collection takes a new approach to relieving pain and delivering true comfort.

Patented biomechanical features work to naturally change the loads across the knee—helping relieve pain and slow the progression of osteoarthritis, or OA. Characterized by degeneration of cartilage and its underlying bone within a joint, OA is most common in the knees. Developed in association with rheumatology experts at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL, Flex-OA footwear is clinically proven to reduce load on the knees by 20% on average.

Specially designed Flexure Zones in the outsole of Flex-OA shoes are strategically placed to allow normal motion to occur. The X-Sole allows natural movement, barefoot-like movement, graceful movement and natural flexibility—movement typically lost with modern footwear. The effect is a measured and proven reduction in load on the knees, a major cause of OA related knee pain.

Clinically Proven 20% Reduction in Knee Load

Clinical studies by Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL, showed that regular wear of the new Flex-OA is proven to reduce load on the knees by an average of 20%.

Double-blind studies performed baseline pain evaluation and gait analysis on subjects, comparing knee joint loading when wearing Flex-OA to knee joint loading when wearing more traditional shoes, as well as when wearing no shoes at all. The peak "knee adduction moment" (or KAM), a validated marker of medial compartment loading, was evaluated using an optoelectronic camera system and multi-component force plate. Compared to their own shoes at baseline, the group wearing the Flex-OA experienced a 20% reduction in the KAM by 24 weeks, while the control group experienced no significant reduction.

Doctors and biomechanical researchers who participated believe their research not only shows a proven reduction in load on the knees, but also provides evidence that the patented X-Sole Relief Technology can actually help achieve beneficial gait alterations.

Take Our Test Walk—100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Try Flex-OA and discover a New World of Motion! If for any reason you're not satisfied within the first 90 days, just return them for a full refund. We'll even include a pre-paid return shipping label with your original order.

Participants in the study at Rush University Medical Center wore the Flex-OA shoes for at least 6 hours per day, 6 days a week. Evaluations showed progressive improvement in knee load reduction while wearing the shoes.

Today's typical treatments for OA—oral medications, topical pain relievers, physical therapy, weight loss programs—focus on relieving the symptoms. These treatments are often met with frustration and do little to slow the progression of the disease. Now, Flex-OA offers a new answer—one that doesn't require you to change your daily routine. Discover a New World of Motion with Flex-OA!*

* These shoes are NOT diabetic shoes and cannot be billed to Medicare.  These shoes are simply for retail/cash sales only.