Munson Health
Health Education Institute

The Health Education Institute (HEI) was developed to gather together leadership and management from across the hospitals and organizations affiliated with Munson Healthcare to learn together and to learn from one another.


2014 HEI Leadership Forum - Making Reliability a Reality

Munson Healthcare leaders and providers are invited to join us for our October 29, 2014 event featuring Craig Clapper, PE, CMQ/OE, founding partner and the Chief Knowledge Officer of Healthcare Performance Improvement (HPI) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

2013 HEI Leadership Forum - Just Culture

Click the links below to access the presentations and materials from the May 16, 2013 forum featuring K. Scott Griffith, President of Outcome Engenuity.

Scott is a Dallas-based risk management firm specializing in helping organizations improve operational and safety performance across a wide range of values and objectives. He is responsible for all aspects of Outcome Engenuity’s suite of training products and services supporting organizational improvement across high consequence industries worldwide.


2012 HEI Leadership Forum - Accountability

Click the links below to access the presentations and materials from the March 22, 2012 forum featuring Linda Galindo, author of The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success.

Linda is a national speaker and educator who inspires leaders to empower themselves, and those who follow them, to speak the truth, focus on what matters, and be fully accountable for the results they produce.

2011 HEI Leadership Forum - Patient Safety

Click the links below to access the presentations and materials for the March 22, 2011 forum featuring J. Bryan Sexton, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Patient Safety Research and Training at Duke University Health System. Sexton focuses on  finding practical ways of getting busy caregivers to do the right thing, by making it the easy thing to do. Sexton shares the wisdom collected from frontline caregivers through rigorous assessments of safety culture and teamwork. 

Sexton's research instruments have been used around the world in over 2,000 hospitals, in 16 countries. He has studied teamwork and safety practices in high risk environments such as the commercial aviation cockpit, the operating room, and the intensive care unit, under funding from NASA, AHRQ, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Swiss National Science Foundation, and the Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation.