Munson Health

Kalkaska Memorial Health Center

Interior photo of Kalkaska Memorial Health Center
Kalkaska Memorial Health Center
opened in 1953.

On Oct. 1, 1953 Kalkaska Memorial Health Center opened as a "District Hospital Authority" with governing representatives from 12 townships in Kalkaska County. Munson Medical Center was asked to assist with clinical oversight of the start-up of Kalkaska Memorial.

Oct. 18, 1953 — Open house for Kalkaska Memorial Health Center. Admitted first patient and delivered a baby at 8:15 pm on the day of the dedication.

1970 — A new physician's office building attached to the hospital  opens - a 3,400-square-foot addition.

1976 — KMHC affiliated with Munson Medical Center by way of a management agreement.

1979 — Eight beds converted to Long-term Care. 13 beds remained available for Acute Care.

1983 — The new Jabara Health Center opens in Mancelona.

1989 — A 60-bed Long-term Care Unit opens, after starting the year with 85 employees.

1991 — KMHC certified as state's first Provider Based Rural Health Clinic, in addition to being licensed as a hospital and long-term care program. The clinic allowed for the expansion of outpatient programs, especially the Specialty Clinics.

1999 — "The Modernization Project," a $7 million addition, is opened with new facilities for ER, Acute Care, Cardiac Rehab, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Radiology, a Medical Procedure Room, Respiratory Therapy, Specialty Clinics, and the new Dementia wing for Long-term Care residents.

 2002 — The Stone House is renovated for educational purposes and dedicated as William W. Kitti Education Building. KMHC becomes the largest employer in Kalkaska County. 

2004 — Built permanent space for CT scanner and added Swimmex rehab program. Received the Michigan Navigator Quality Award.
2006 — Began Teen Health Clinic coordinating services with Forest Area and Kalkaska high schools.
2007 — Completion of new Dialysis Center and began services to area residents and visitors.
2008 — $14 million building project including new specialty clinics, with renovations to outpatient diagnostic services. Added space to cardiac rehab program. Began mobile MRI services with new docking station.
2009 — Opened new Assisted Living complex.
2011 — KMHC continues to grow with 325 employees providing services to our community.