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Friday, March 23, 2012 - Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Honors Area Physicians
Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Honors Area Physicians 

Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Administrator Jim Austin said the hospital appreciates all the physicians who provide care to the community.
“We appreciate all of the quality and compassionate care that they provide,” he said.  “We are encouraging area residents to thank them in honor of Doctor’s Day on March 30.”
Physicians on staff at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center include:
Albert Brown, M.D., Mancelona Family Practice
Marc Frick, M.D., Kalkaska Family Practice
Richard Hodgman, M.D., Kalkaska Family Practice
Jeremy Holmes, D.O., Kalkaska Family Practice
April Kurkowski, D.O., Rural Health Clinic
Thomas Laskey, M.D., Cedar Run Family Practice
Jennifer Leino, M.D., Mancelona Family Practice
Andrew Long, D.O., Kalkaska Family Practice
Gary Ziegler, M.D., Kalkaska Family Practice
“We encourage every to have a local family physician and recommend any of our physicians in the community,” Austin said. For more information, call Physician Referral Service at 1-800-533-5520, or go to