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Friday, April 27, 2012 - Yellow Jug for Old Drugs at Benzie, Manistee Area Pharmacies

Yellow Jug Old Drugs at Benzie, Manistee Area Pharmacies
Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital promotes proper disposal of outdated medications
Benzie and Manistee county pharmacies have joined efforts to keep northern Michigan groundwater free from pharmaceutical compounds.
The Corner Drug in Frankfort, Shop and Save Pharmacy in Benzonia, Richmond Drug in Bear Lake, and Rite Aid in Manistee all have yellow jugs for disposal of unused, unwanted, and expired drugs. The program is part of the “Yellow Jug Old Drugs” campaign launched by the Great Lakes Clean Water Organization.
“We’ve had questions from patients about what to do with outdated medications,” Donna Clarke, R.N., director of Clinical Services at Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital. “We want to encourage the residents in Benzie and Manistee counties to take their old meds to these locations – that is the safest thing to do.”
Area residents can drop off their old medications into the yellow container at the above pharmacies. The Prescription Shop in Honor will also take old medications, but does not use the yellow jug program. By law, the program cannot accept any controlled substances. Other material not accepted include: Sunscreen products Drugs from hospitals or health facilities Insect repellent Aerosols IV bags Ignitable materials Disinfectants, ie. hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, Betadine, etc. Hazardous pharmaceuticals
The Yellow Jug Old Drug program is the only non-profit program in Michigan providing collection of unused and unwanted drugs.
According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, studies throughout the nation have revealed the presence of trace amounts of pharmaceutical compounds in surface and ground water.
More information on the Yellow Jug Old Drug program is available at