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Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - Patients Give High Marks to Kalkaska Memorial Health Center
Patients Give High Marks to Kalkaska Memorial
National satisfaction survey comparison shows hospital at the top
Emergency room patients at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center give the facility high marks for their care.
From October to December 2010, 75 Kalkaska patients were among 372,516 emergency room patients at 1,722 hospitals surveyed across America. The patients who were cared for in the Kalkaska Memorial emergency room ranked their satisfaction with their care in the top 1 percent of hospitals – whether big or small.
The survey is conducted by Press Ganey, a nationally respected health care company that specializes in tracking patient satisfaction and surveys for one third of all hospital emergency rooms in America.
“These patient survey results show that the community believes in the quality of care it is receiving at our hospital,” said Jim Austin, administrator at Kalkaska Memorial. “We’re encouraged and thankful for its support and it validates the hard work of all of our employees and providers.” Austin said a recent email received at the hospital, reinforces the survey.
A vacationing patient who had fallen about six feet onto his driveway described the care he received during his initial visit to the emergency room as “wonderful.” He later waited to come back north to have his stitches removed.
“The professional treatment was once again exceptional,” he said. “Hopefully it will be a long time before I need any of the services offered at your facility, but this experience has given me a sense of security if there are health care needs in the future.”
Emergency Department Manager Christine Bissonette, R.N., said the high marks from the survey by Press Ganey reflect hard work in trying to meet patient needs in the department. The unit is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
“We really emphasize communicating with patients regarding their treatment,” she said. “We work hard as a team to enhance our ‘patients first’ philosophy. Our Press Ganey survey results confirm we’re on track. It’s just one of those great things.”
The department includes 28 staff members who are under the medical direction of Gary Ziegler, M.D. Emergency Department staff members see about 12,000 patients a year; 97 percent are treated and released and 3 percent are sent to other hospitals for further diagnosis and treatment. Austin said the survey results help motivate hospital staff and should reinforce confidence in the community regarding the care provided at the hospital.
“We will continue our efforts to maintain that level of confidence from our patients,” Austin said. “We want everyone who walks through our doors to understand that their good health is our number one concern.”
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