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Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 'Learning to Live Alone' Classes Offer Practical Tips
‘Learning to Live Alone’ Classes Offer Practical Tips
 Five-week series teaches essential skills for the next chapter of your life
So much changes with the death of a spouse.
Beyond the emotional upheaval are the practical details of carrying on. If your husband always took care of having the oil changed in the car, or your wife did all of the meal planning, taking on even those simple tasks can lead to questions.
If you’ve had to become the manager and doer of tasks that are outside of your areas of comfort and routine, a five-week series of classes, “Learning to Live Alone,” may help. The series is designed to provide information and confidence as you learn essential skills for this new chapter in your life. Each week has a specific focus with a guest instructor.
“You will gain the most by taking all sessions, but you can enroll in individual sessions,” said Patti Amalfitano, Bereavement Coordinator for Munson Hospice.
“I felt overwhelmed, disconnected, and unsure of my new life after my husband passed away,” said one class participant. “Never having lived alone, I was pretty intimidated by some of the issues and chores that had once been so easy when the responsibility was shared. This series of classes seemed perfectly made for my situation. Each class was full of others who were faced with living “new lives” and we all were hoping to find some direction and support. I found compassion and valuable advice from each of the speakers. Every class was exactly on point for finding a way to adjust to living alone.” “I was especially impressed with the class, Cooking for One,” she added. “It’s so difficult to find the enthusiasm for cooking only for one’s self when all the years previous have been about nurturing others. The cooking class shared several recipes and techniques for dinner-for-one and gave reason for caring for ourselves in the way we had always cared for others. This series is a must for all those whose lives have been changed and now need to focus on themselves and a new way of living.”
The class meets on Mondays from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in Room 112 at the Oleson Center on the campus of Northwestern Michigan College. Cost is $20 per class, or $79 for the series of five classes.
Dates and topics are as follows:
• Creating a New Life, Sept. 26
• Cooking for One, Oct. 3
• Taking Care of Your Car, Oct. 10
• Home Maintenance Essentials, Oct. 17
• Health and Wellness, Oct. 24
This series is offered in partnership with Munson Hospice and Northwestern Michigan College. To register, call (231) 995-1700 or 1-800-748-0566, ext. 1700, or online at