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Friday, December 23, 2011 - Hospice Care Promotes Life, Hope for Patients
Hospice Care Promotes Life, Hope for Patients
By Shari Wilson, MSN, MBA, RN
Munson Home Health President
Munson Home Health and Hospice celebrates 50 this year.
We’re thankful for all of the opportunities that Munson Hospice team members have been allowed to experience in each of those years as they helped families through difficulties surrounding the loss of a loved one.
As we listen to some of the questions patients and their families pose before choosing hospice care, there are a couple of natural common concerns: “If I choose hospice care, it means that I will die sooner, or that I’m giving up hope.”

At Munson Hospice, we believe our role is to provide comfort and end-of-life care that does nothing to either speed up or slow down the dying process. In reality, Munson Hospice care helps patients reclaim the spirit of life. For many people, it is important to understand that while death can lead to sadness, anger, and pain, it can also lead to opportunities for reminiscence, laughter, reunion, and hope.
We find that the earlier a patient and their family seek out hospice care, the more opportunities arise to address issues such as pain management and spiritual distress. The interdisciplinary Munson Hospice team offers care for the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and their families. It is a specialized care that only highly qualified professionals can provide.
Goals of the team are to relieve suffering, control symptoms, and enhance one’s quality of life. We are very sensitive to the personal, cultural, and values, beliefs, and practices each patient and family expresses. It is our privilege to walk with families through the difficulties posed by an end-of-life prognosis. If you or a family member are facing this situation, we can help.
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