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Thursday, March 22, 2012 - Munson Cardiologist Shares Heart for Kenyan Hospital

David MacIntosh, DO, center, poses for a photo with Michigan State University medical students outside of PCEA Chogoria Hospital earlier this year. Below, Dr. Nelson Lolos, MD, spent six weeks at Munson Medical Center.

Cardilogist Shares Heart for Kenyan Hospital

Seeds to grow a relationship between Munson Medical Center and a Kenyan hospital continue to take root.

Earlier this year Cardiologist David MacIntosh, DO, said he spent six weeks at 300-bed PCEA Chogoria Hospital in central Kenya leading a Michigan State University Institute of International Health trip teaching MSU medical students about health care delivery overseas.
There also is the potential for the Munson Family Practice Residency Program to begin a relationship with the hospital later this year. Dr. MacIntosh’s relationship with the hospital began in 1977-78 when he spent a year there after his internship. He started going back to the hospital three years ago along with his wife, Family Practice physician Lorah Wright, DO.
His idea to teach an international medicine tropical disease class for MSU bloomed into a proposal to both Chogoria Hospital and MSU medical school officials. Both parties agreed after details were worked out. Five fourth-year medical students were at the Kenyan hospital with Dr. MacIntosh earlier this year.

“Our students are able to see how we practice medicine without all the sophistication we have here,” he said. “They get a lot of training in physical diagnoses.”
As he proposed bringing the MSU students from the U.S. to medical leaders at Chogoria Hospital, they asked him to consider taking a physician back to Munson to learn how medicine is practiced here. Dr. MacIntosh said he considered the idea, and this year brought back Nelson Lolos, MD, who is a medical officer at the hospital.
For the past six weeks Dr. Lolos has spent time observing in the Operating Room with Munson surgeons three days a week and spending time with Family Practice, Emergency Department, Infectious Disease, and other physicians on alternate days. He planned to leave March 23 to return to Chogoria.
“It’s been a very good experience for me. I was surprised by the number of physicians here,” he said. His goal is to go on to a surgical residency program. As a medical officer who has completed his intern year, he helps provide medical care at the hospital. Dr. Lolos said he has been impressed by the organization and emphasis on patient safety such as the Operating Room debriefings. “The science here has also been very good,” he said.
In Chogoria, there is a shortage of specialists. Dr. Lolos said a surgeon, pediatrician, and gynecologist work a circuit of hospitals in the region.
Located about 140 miles northeast of Nairobi, Chogoria Hospital provides acute care as well as clinics for diabetes, physical rehabilitation, eye care, and obstetrics according to its web site. Dr. MacIntosh said when he visits, he practices mostly internal medicine. The hospital does not have the sophisticated technology available in the west.
“We go back to our roots as physicians,” he said. “It’s a lovely hospital and country.”