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Friday, November 02, 2012 - Kid's Creek Project Continues on Schedule

Crews work to prepare way for Kid's Creek. Below, project leaders pose for a photo.

Kid’s Creek Project Continues on Schedule
Construction begins that will bring creek out of culverts to daylight in 2013

Munson Medical Center efforts to restore Kid’s Creek north of Sixth Street in Traverse City are now under way with crews moving dirt for a new creek channel that will take the water out of culverts next fall.

Munson Medical Center Vice President of Facilities Steve Tongue said the creek restoration project that will eventually prepare the way for construction of a new cancer center is on schedule.

“We have received all of our necessary permits and are moving ahead with preparing for construction that will restore the channel for Kid’s Creek,” he said. “The construction will replace 900 feet of underground culvert and channelized ditches with an above-ground meandering channel. This project will eliminate 73,000 square feet of paved area and establish a 27,000-square-foot floodplain.”

The creek restoration will also create a green buffer area between the hospital campus and surrounding neighborhoods, Tongue said.

Plans call for construction of the channel to continue through spring. Some road closures will be associated with the project along Beaumont Place and Sixth Street. Any closures will be done in conjunction with the city and will be minimized as much as possible.

In late August and September, buildings that once sat on the new creek course were removed. Sixth Street Drugs recently moved next door to its former location . Its former location has since been razed.

“After construction this winter and spring, we plan a late spring planting of native grasses, shrubs, and trees along the future creek bank,” Tongue said. “We will be planting 72 deciduous canopy trees, 12 smaller understory trees, and 356 evergreen trees.”

Plans call for the project to be completed next fall when the creek is opened into the new channel.

Part of the project is being funded through a $500,000 federal grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Watershed Center.

The hospital has provided updates on the project to area neighbors, and this fall plans to focus on a traffic study of the Munson Medical Center campus. As part of the creek project, some Munson employees have moved offsite to a location at Copper Ridge in Traverse City.