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Thursday, July 10, 2014 - Munson CT Scanners Offer Lower Doses of Radiation

This low-dose scanner is located in Munson's Emergency Department.

New Munson CT Scanners Offer Lower Doses of Radiation
Toshiba Aquilion® ONE devices combine software, technology into safer experience

Munson Medical Center now offers three low-dose CT scan machines that provide a safer experience for patients and more succinct images for radiologists.

The Toshiba Aquilion® ONE devices combine software and technology advances to ensure an individualized dose of radiation is applied based on the need of the patient.

“The primary benefit for patients is a significant reduction of radiation dose. This is achieved primarily by advancements in post processing computer algorithms, but also by some hardware upgrades,” said C. Paul Williams, M.D., a radiologist at the hospital. “For some of the higher dose procedures, like abdomen and pelvic CT, dose reduction up to 60 percent is possible. For the truly high dose procedure of cardiac CTA, dose reductions of greater than 90 percent are possible. The increase in detector rows allows studies to be completed much more rapidly, reducing breath hold requirements and minimizing actual scan times.”

The machines offer head-to-toe dynamic imaging that can capture an entire organ in a single moment of time. Machine capabilities also can provide physicians with a three-dimensional depiction of an organ and how blood flow is occurring within and without the organ.

The CTs can offer comprehensive exams useful in the treatment of patients with heart conditions, stroke, and cancer.

The Munson Medical Center Radiology Department has both a 320-slice machine and a 40-slice machine, while the Emergency Department has an 80-slice machine.

All sites throughout Munson Healthcare now have new Toshiba equipment allowing for consistent protocols among the hospitals.