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Thursday, March 20, 2014 - Vintage Support: ‘All Hands In Against Cancer’

Vineyard labels special wine for cancer center project. Below right, Larry Mawby said his own experience
gives him empathy for others facing a cancer diagnosis.

Vintage Support: ‘All Hands In Against Cancer’
L. Mawby Vineyards label raises funds for Cowell Family Cancer Center

At L. Mawby Vineyards in Suttons Bay, their commitment to community comes with a special label. Each year the vineyard produces a special sparkling wine to support a local charity.

“For 2014, we decided the fundraising effort for the Cowell Family Cancer Center at Munson Medical Center is the charity of choice for us,” said Larry Mawby, vineyard owner.

Mawby was approached about supporting the cancer center by fellow Leelanau Peninsula fruit grower Ann Gregory, a member of the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation Board. A cancer survivor himself, Mawby thought it was a great fit.

“Personally, I’ve always felt it is very important as an individual to give back whatever you can to the community. I always encourage my fellow business people to look into their heart and see what is really important to them, to their family, to their employees, to their customers, to their community, and do something to help support that,” he said. “In this case, I think the Cowell Family Cancer Center is a really, really worthy cause deserving of everybody’s support.”

Mawby’s own experience gives him empathy for what others face when given a cancer diagnosis. He experienced colon cancer 21 years ago and had surgery and chemotherapy at Munson.

“I definitely understand the need for a local cancer center and I appreciate the work that Munson has done for all these many years to support patients in the area who have cancer,” he said.

Mawby’s roots in the area run deep. His family has grown fruit in the region for generations. After graduating from college, he decided to invest in wine grapes and has spent the past 40 years experimenting with varieties of grapes and determining to make the best wines possible.

“I think of ‘All Hands In Against Cancer’ as our relationship wine,” he said. “This recognizes that everyone has some relationship with someone who has experienced cancer – a friend, yourself, a loved one – we all have a relationship with cancer. This is an opportunity to do something to strengthen our human ability to thrive.”

“All Hands In” will be available in the Grand Traverse region throughout 2014. The vineyard will donate $1 of every bottle sold to the cancer center.

“It feels wonderful to be able to do something,” he said. “Everybody recognizes this is a really large project. All too often we feel that what we as individuals can do is such a small thing. The fact is, everything helps. Every hand in against cancer is another hand helping in the right direction.”

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