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A Positive Step Toward Fitness
Aerobic Exercises for Kids
Basic Training: Build Your Own Boot-Camp Workout
Dancing Is the Star
Everyday Ways to Get More Activity
Exercise for the Ages
Exercise Goals for Healthy Living
Exercise Goals for Kids
Exercise Your Way to a Healthy Heart
Exercise Your Way to a Healthy Pregnancy
Exercising With Arthritis
Fit for the Ages
Five Fresh Forms of Indoor Fitness
Give Your Health a Lift
Have a Hearty Workout for Your Heart
Helping Your Child Choose a Sport
How and Why to Keep a Training Log
How Do You Fuel Your Workout?
How Intense Is Your Workout?
How Much Exercise Is Enough?
Increase Your Energy Level Through Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise
Interval Training Can Spice Up a Workout
It’s Snow Fun: Skiing and Snowboarding
Keep Moving to Manage Your Weight
Kids Need Safety Gear for In-line Skating
Make a Splash with a Water Workout
Make Exercise a Family Affair
Making Family Fitness Fun
Move to the Music: Dancing as Exercise
Moving Beyond All-or-Nothing Thinking
Now Is the Time to Get Moving
Pilates: A Core Conditioning Program
Preparing for Your Best Year of Fitness
Putting the 'Fun' Back Into Fitness
Ready to Exercise? Take It Inside
Safety for Snow Sports
Shape Up to Hit the Slopes
Spice Up Your Workouts with a Little Variety
Staying Fit the Old-fashioned Way
Strength Training at Home
Strengthening Exercises for Kids
Stretches for Your Lower Legs
Target Your Heart Rate for Better Health
Teach Teens to Stretch
The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Fitness
Ways to Improve Your Workout
Weight Training for Women
When Exercising, Don't Skip Stretching
Working Out in the Cold
ACL Rehabilitation: Free Squat
ACL Rehabilitation: Knee Flexion
ACL Rehabilitation: Leg Press
ACL Rehabilitation: Stationary Bike
Activity and ACL Rehabilitation
Aerobic Exercise for a Healthy Heart
After Knee Replacement: At Home Exercise Program
Back Exercises: Abdominal Lift
Back Exercises: Arm Reach
Back Exercises: Back Extension with Elbow Press
Back Exercises: Back Press
Back Exercises: Back Release
Back Exercises: Bridge
Back Exercises: Hip Lift
Back Exercises: Hip Rotator Stretch
Back Exercises: Knee Lift
Back Exercises: Leg Pull
Back Exercises: Leg Reach
Back Exercises: Lower Back Rotation
Back Exercises: Lower Back Stretch
Back Exercises: Partial Curl-Ups
Back Exercises: Pelvic Tilt
Back Exercises: Seated Rotation
Back Exercises: Side Stretch
Before You Start Your Diabetes Exercise Plan
Colostomy: Living an Active Life
Diabetes and Your Child: Safe Exercise
Diabetes: Activity Tips
Diabetes: Getting Started with Exercise
Diabetes: The Benefits of Exercise
Diabetes: Tracking Your Fitness Progress
Exercise After Bypass Surgery: Walking
Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise for a Healthier Heart
Exercise to Help Your Kidneys
Exercise to Manage Your Blood Sugar
Exercise: Adding Intensity
Exercise: Fitting it into Your Life
Exercise: Getting the Most from Your 30 Minutes
Exercise: Measuring Your Pace
Exercise: The Rewards of Fitness
Exercise: Warm Up, Cool Down, Stretch, and Strengthen
Exercise: Why Fitness Matters
Exercises to Prevent Falls
Exercising Safely (Cardiovascular)
Exercising Safely After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)
Exercising with Asthma
Foot and Ankle Exercises: Ankle Circles
For Kids: Asthma and Exercise
For Kids: Asthma and Exercise Fun Sheet
For Parents: Helping Your Teen Be Active
Hamstring Curl for ACL Healing
Hamstring Pull to Help ACL Heal
Hamstring Stretch to Help ACL Heal
Heart Failure: Being Active
Living with Osteoporosis: Regular Exercise
Lower Body Exercises: Calf Stretch
Osteoarthritis: Exercise
Physical Fitness and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Pregnancy: Planning Your Exercise Routine
Preventing Osteoporosis: Staying Active
Quad Sets for ACL Healing
Scooter, Skateboard and Inline Skates Safety
Wall Squats for ACL Healing
Weight Management: Exercise and Activity
Well-Child Checkup: 11 to 13 Years
Well-Child Checkup: 14 to 18 Years
Well-Child Checkup: 4 Years
Well-Child Checkup: 5 Years
Well-Child Checkup: 6 to 10 Years
What's in an Exercise Program?
More U.S. Children Need a Daily Dose of Exercise

Sprained Ankles Need Attention
After Ankle Arthroscopy
Ankle Arthroscopy: Conditions Treated
Bent-Knee Calf Stretch
Discharge Instructions for Ankle Arthroscopy
Discharge Instructions for Ankle Surgery
First Aid: Sprains and Fractures
Foot and Ankle Exercises: Single-Leg Heel Raise
Treating Ankle Fractures
Treating Ankle Sprains
What Are Ankle Sprains?
Sprains, Strains, Breaks: What’s the Difference?
Self-Care for Strains and Sprains
Treating Strains and Sprains
When Your Child Has a Strain, Sprain, or Contusion
Hand and Wrist Exercises: Wrist Flexion
Shoulder Exercises: Biceps Curl
Shoulder Exercises: Shoulder Press
Shoulder Exercises: Side Raise
Shoulder Exercises: Triceps Press