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After Rehabilitation: Here Are Some Tools
Alcoholism and Family History
Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous
Binge Drinking Dangers for Young People
Break Through the Alcoholic's Psychological Defenses
Cough Medicine Abuse by Teens
Facing Up to Alcohol in the Workplace
Finding the Right Rehab Program for Substance Abuse
Health Risks of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Helping a Friend With an Addiction
How to Help Teenagers With Addicted Parents
How to Spot Drug Use in Kids
Is Your Teen Abusing Drugs or Alcohol?
Nicotine Substitutes Can Help You Quit
Paying for Attention: Abuse of Prescription ADHD Drugs Rising on College Campuses
Primer: A Parent's Guide to Inhalant Abuse
Primer: GHB, the Club Drug
Primer: What You Need to Know About Ecstasy
Smoking Adds Another Wrinkle to Aging
Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking
Stages of Substance Abuse
Talk With Your Kids About These Issues
Teens and Prescription Drugs
The Dangers of Binge Drinking
The Facts About Marijuana
Understanding Alcohol's Effects
Understanding Cocaine and Crack
Understanding the Power of Addiction
Up in Smoke: Cigars and Your Health
Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Alcohol
When a Family Member Is in Recovery
Women and Substance Abuse
Women, Alcohol, and Drugs: The Risks Are Higher
Addiction: Ask Yourself These Questions
Addiction: Getting Help
Addiction: Your Treatment Options
Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol Withdrawal: What to Expect
Alcoholism: Getting Help
Alcoholism: How to be Part of the Solution
Alcoholism: Myths and Facts
Alcoholism: Resources for Family and Friends
Be Smoke-Free During Pregnancy
Cocaine: Getting Help
Cocaine: Myths and Facts
Cocaine: Understanding Its Effects
Coping with Smoking Withdrawal
For Teens: Understand the Cycle of Addiction
For Teens: What You Should Know About Smoking
Getting Support for Quitting Smoking
Life After Combat: Coping with Alcohol Abuse
Planning to Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking During Pregnancy with Less Stress
Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy
Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy: Beating Withdrawal
Recognizing the Signs of Substance Abuse in Teens
Recovering from Addiction
Recovering from Addiction: Continuing with Counseling
Recovering from Addiction: Coping with Relapse
Signs of Addiction to Prescription Drugs
Signs of Addiction: Social Use
Signs of Alcohol Addiction (Alcoholism)
Signs of Cocaine Addiction
Signs of Marijuana Addiction
Smoking and Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
Stay Smoke-Free After Pregnancy
Staying Smoke-Free
Substance Abuse and Traumatic Brain Injury
Teens and Smoking: A Toxic Addiction
Teens and Smoking: Do you Know the Truth?
The Benefits of Living Smoke Free
The Impact of Alcoholism
Tips for Quitting Smoking (Cardiovascular)
Treating Drug Abuse and Addiction
Treating Inhalant Abuse
Understanding Alcoholism
Understanding Inhalant Abuse
Understanding Marijuana Abuse
Understanding Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction
Understanding the Disease of Addiction
When You Suspect Your Child Is Using Alcohol or Drugs
Why Do You Smoke?
It’s Never Too Late to Quit Smoking