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Tricuspid Valve Disease

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by Badash M

(Tricuspid Regurgitation; Tricuspid Stenosis)



Rheumatic fever is the most common cause of tricuspid valve disease (especially stenosis). Other causes include:


Images may need to be taken to examine your heart. This can be done with:
Your heart's electrical activity may need to be measured. This can be done with electrocardiogram (ECG, EKG).
Your heart's activity during exercise may be measured. This can be done with a cardiac stress test.


Tricuspid valve disease cannot be prevented. But, there are several things you can do to try to avoid some of the complications:
  • Treat strep throat infections right away to avoid rheumatic fever, which can cause scarring of the heart valve.
  • If your valve problem was caused by rheumatic fever, talk to your doctor about antibiotic treatment to prevent future episodes.
  • Most people with a tricuspid valve defect do not need to take antibiotics to prevent infections before dental or medical procedures. But, there are exceptions. Check with your doctor to see if your condition requires you take antibiotics.


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