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by Hellwig J

(Pimples; Blackheads; Whiteheads; Acne Vulgaris)



Acne may require a combination of treatments. Most acne does not require surgery. Some treatments may take several weeks to work. Your skin may actually appear to get worse before it gets better.


  • Over-the-counter topical medications such as cleansers, creams, lotions, and gels—to reduce the amount of oil and/or bacteria in the pores. These medications may contain one of the following ingredients:
    • Benzoyl peroxide
    • Salicylic acid
  • Prescription topical medications—includes cleansers, creams, lotions, and gels to reduce the amount of oil and/or bacteria in the pores. Examples include:
    • Antibiotics, such as clindamycin, erythromycin
    • Retinoids, such as tretinoin adapalene
  • Oral antibiotics—to control the amount of bacteria in pores, including:
    • Tetracycline
    • Clindamycin
  • Oral medications—to control androgen levels, including:
    • Birth control pills
    • Spironolactone
  • Oral retinoids—to reduce the size and secretions of sebaceous glands. This medication is only used for severe cases of cystic acne.
    • Isotretinoin—must not be taken by women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant due to the risk of serious birth defects.


There are a number of procedures that can be used by your doctor or dermatologist to treat acne, examples include:
Some of the procedures have risks, such as scarring and infection.


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