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Hydronephrosis -- Adult

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by LaRusso L


Hydronephrosis is caused by one of two problems in the urinary system. A blockage may prevent urine from draining out of the kidneys. Or, a condition called reflux may cause urine to flow back into the kidneys from the bladder.
Conditions that may cause hydronephrosis include:

Risk Factors

The following factors increase your chances of developing hydronephrosis:


Treatment involves:
  • Draining excess urine from the kidney
  • Removing the blockage
  • Treating conditions that cause blockage or reflux
  • Treating infections in the urinary system
Treatment options include:
  • Antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections
  • Medications to treat neurogenic bladder or to reduce excess uric acid excretion
  • Catheter inserted into the bladder to drain the urine
  • Nephrostomy—a tube inserted into an opening in the midsection to drain urine from the kidney
  • Surgery to remove a blockage or correct a defect in the urinary system
  • Surgery to remove part or all of the kidney—rare


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