Munson Health
Healthy North

Ensuring Strong Health Care in Rural Northern Michigan

As the largest health care system north of Grand Rapids, Munson Healthcare has a leadership role in keeping – and growing – strong, local health care services for the people of northern Michigan. Maintaining strong services in our rural region presents unique challenges – we provide care for 500,000 residents spread over 11,000 square miles. While the current environment provides challenges, we also believe it creates an opportunity for historic, positive change and true “up north” collaboration and innovation.

As we continue to transition to a new system of health care delivery propelled by the Affordable Care Act, it is critical that we work together to preserve and improve local access to quality care.  As a guide to meeting this goal, Healthy North has three primary focal points: Access, Relationships, and Value.

Access to High Quality Care for All

  • Ensure future sustainability by further strengthening a strong regional health care delivery system consisting of Munson Healthcare-owned, managed, and affiliated entities   
  • Provide charity care to uninsured and underserved patients
  • Educate employees and the community about the changing focus on health promotion and disease prevention
  • Maintain a robust advocacy network to advise elected officials to support policies that preserve and enhance local access to high quality health care services in rural northern Michigan


Building and Strengthening Relationships

  • Fully engage and integrate with the region’s physicians
  • Strengthen affiliations with hospitals in northern Michigan
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with other health care organizations


High-Value Care


  • Continue focus on cost improvement to meet the challenges of reduced revenue from government payers
  • Redesign model of care to enhance efficiencies across continuum of care
  • Standardize clinical care to improve quality and reduce cost
  • Reinvest resources to ensure the best health care in our communities
  • Develop “meaningful use” for electronic health record technology (EHR)