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Tips on Writing a
Letter to the Editor

  1. Keep it short. Three to four paragraphs is a good general length, but know your outlet. Read through letters from the past several days to get a sense of what length is appropriate.

  2. Make one clear argument and be sure it relates to the previously published article or opinion piece to which you're responding.

  3. Cite the article or opinion piece in your letter.

  4. Stay calm and constructive in your writing.

  5. It is ok to follow up on your submission with an e-mail or a call within a day or two, but keep in mind that editors receive hundreds of letters and may not respond immediately.

  6. If the outlet does not use your letter, consider making your opinion known on the outlet's Web site either by posting a comment in direct response to the specific article or by participating in the outlet's online blog.
Write Your Newspaper

The opinion page, including letters to the editor, is one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper. Responding to an article or editorial previously published in your local paper offers a chance to increase awareness about healthcare reform and to offer your opinion of why it's time to find a way.

Our Media Center can help you select a newspaper and submit your letter electronically.