Munson Health
Ann Gregory

Ann Gregory has her priorities firmly in place. "The three most important things to me are God, my family and friends, and quality medical care for our community is third," she said.

Sometimes those priorities intersect. When Munson Medical Center began raising funds to build a new Emergency Department, Ann had poignant memories of sitting next to her mother waiting for care on an overflow bed in the Emergency Department hallway. Her mother had Alzheimer’s Disease and had been injured in a fall - waiting in the hallway made a difficult situation even harder. "I told my husband, I really want to donate significantly to this Emergency Department in memory of my mom." When Ann heard preliminary discussions about a new Cancer Center, her reaction was the same. The Gregory's made another donation, this time in honor of their youngest daughter, Emily Miezio, who is a nurse practitioner and had worked in oncology - a field she was inspired to pursue when she watched her young cousin battle cancer.

"I’m very interested in the medical field - it’s an interest that goes way back," Ann said. As the oldest of seven children, she watched her father, a World War II medic, adeptly take care of the family’s medical needs. She inherited his "take charge" ability and used her passion for medical care when she worked as a hospital aide in Bay City, and then as she became a farm wife and mother. Her interest also led her to accept a seat on the Leelanau Memorial Hospital Board. She is actively involved in Immanual Lutheran Church of Sutton's Bay and was active at the Sutton's Bay Schools while her children attended school there.

"When I was asked to be on the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation Board, I thought it was a good fit," she said. "I’ve worked on a lot of fundraisers - somebody has to do the asking, and I’m not afraid to ask. Having quality health care services is just so important to me. We’re serving so many counties now; it’s not just our immediate counties to think of but all of those people who drive here for care - even from the U.P. We should have state-of-the-art care here."

Ann is eager to help with future fundraising. "I love to be in the middle of organizing a campaign because it’s positive, fun, and challenging. I love being a mother and a grandmother, and I love working on hospital boards."