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Rodney's Story

Rodney Spalding

Occupation: Tool manufacturing
Procedure: Lap Band, 2008
Surgeon: Steven Slikkers, MD
Pre-surgery weight: 360 pounds
Current weight: 220 pounds

Background: When I was young, I was never overweight. I played football, baseball, ran track. I held all the school records in hurdles. I slowly started gaining weight from 195to 360 pounds. My doctor told me to lose weight because I had type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Decision point: I played football with Dr. Vince Prusick (an orthopedic surgeon). He told me ‘you’ve got to get some of that weight off your knees.’ I decided on lap band because I couldn’t take four weeks off of work.

Best advice: Eat slowly. Chew your food until it tastes bad. Protein is the whole secret – it boosts your metabolism. You’ve got to start your day with protein. We still go out to dinner, but we split a dinner. We have a three-bite rule for dessert. I can eat whatever I want – I just chose not to.

Life after surgery: On the day of my surgery, they threw away my diabetes drugs. I have no more sleep apnea. My doctor smiles every time he sees me. He’s amazed; so am I. We fit in our Corvette now. We go dancing on Friday nights. And the Jet Ski – yeah, that’s fun.

Parting thought: Surgery is a tool, but it is only a tool. With any of these surgeries, you can gain all the weight back. You have to decide what’s more important – living or eating. 

After Lap Band Surgery

Before Surgery