Munson Health
Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Treatment


We provide the most comprehensive services for treating chemical dependency in adolescents in northern Michigan.

For young adults who are struggling with chemical dependency and their families, Munson Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center provides assessment and referral, outpatient counseling, aftercare, and prevention and educational information. Services are designed to achieve full recovery.  


Assessment and Referral Services

One phone call begins the assessment and referral process. If a more in-depth understanding of the problem is needed, an appointment with parents and the adolescent is scheduled. A team of professionals reviews results of the assessment, and recommendations are discussed with the adolescent and parents. If outpatient treatment or education is required, Munson offers services that are geared specifically to adolescents and their families. If residential treatment is recommended, help with a referral and placement in an accredited program in our network can be provided. Adolescents can then return to Munson Behavioral Health Services for aftercare.



Referrals to Munson Medical Center’s Adolescent Treatment services can be made by family members, physicians, school personnel, clergy, the judicial system, and other helping professionals. All potential admissions are assessed for appropriateness by a staff professional.



Munson Medical Center’s Adolescent Treatment program was developed with the strong belief that adolescent substance abuse is a treatable problem. Through appropriate treatment of the whole family and the development of strong post-treatment supports, the young person can develop a chemical-free lifestyle.

Our treatment considers each participant’s individual differences and tailors a program to maximize positive outcomes. The services allow the teen to live at home and stay in school while addressing their relationship with chemicals. Family involvement is essential for a positive outcome, as it helps increase communication and support.

The services include individual and family counseling. Close contact is maintained with referral sources to coordinate and maximize the effectiveness of treatment.



Our program has several goals including:
  • Understanding the disease concept of chemical dependency and co- dependency
  • Accepting personal responsibility for behavior
  • Improving family communication
  • Developing a sober social network
  • Being involved in AA or NA
  • Improving daily functioning
  • Experiencing recreational alternatives to substance abuse
  • Having a healthier lifestyle

Program fees and financial arrangements can be discussed during the admission process. We accept most insurance plans, private payments, Medicaid, and can also provide access to state funding for those who qualify. 

Aftercare Services

Lifelong recovery begins following residential or outpatient treatment. A personalized aftercare program is crafted for each adolescent to prevent relapse and encourage a positive, drug-free lifestyle. Services may include individual and family counseling, in addition to community support groups.

For more information and assistance, please call Munson Behavioral Health Services at (231) 935-6382 or 1-800-662-6766. Or feel free to contact us by email.