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Respiratory Care

Respiratory therapists at Munson have a special ability to provide care for people of all ages – from pediatric to geriatric patients.

Our respiratory therapists specialize in promoting optimum cardiopulmonary function and health. Respiratory therapists apply scientific principles to prevent, identify, and treat acute or chronic dysfunction of the cardiopulmonary system. Their knowledge of the scientific principles underlying cardiopulmonary physiology and pathophysiology, as well as biomedical engineering and technology, enable them to effectively assess, educate, and treat patients with cardiopulmonary disorders.

Respiratory therapists must use critical thinking, patient/environment assessment skills, and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to develop and implement effective care plans, protocols, and disease management programs.

Advanced level therapists participate in clinical decision-making and patient education, including the development and implementation of protocols and treatment plans, health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management.

Specific Duties
  • Assess patient respiratory status
  • Follow protocols prescribed by physicians and administer care as needed
  • Schedule ordered respiratory care for optimal therapeutic results

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