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Munson Employee Centurion Drive

Each year the Foundation conducts a Centurion Drive for the community and for employees of Munson Healthcare. The annual generosity of community members and our employees provides funding for numerous services, programs, equipment needs, training and other items that might otherwise go unfunded. Despite a difficult economy and uncertainty about the ramifications of health care reform, Munson Healthcare employees supported the 2012 Centurion Campaign in record numbers.

Giving is ‘A Responsibility and an Honor’

The desire to help runs deep in people who work at Munson Medical Center. If a co-worker has an unexpected need, employees quickly organize a bake sale. At Christmas, departments adopt, shop, wrap, and deliver holiday cheer. And every year, Munson employees generously respond to the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation’s Centurion Drive. In 2012, employees donated more than $106,000, with more than one-third directing their donation to funds that help patients during a medical crisis.

For some, like Cathy Maywood, there’s never any question about donating, even in years when the gift is sacrificial. "For me, this is a very easy way to extend myself to other people," Maywood said. "I like giving back to Munson because this hospital gives us a lot. I think Munson goes out of its way to support the community."

Maywood worked around the country as a registered nurse before moving to Traverse City."I thank God we ended up in a place like this," she said. "I have always been really proud of the care my family receives here. I’m so grateful."

Six of the 50 funds administered by the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation are available to Munson’s Medical Social Workers. They turn to these funds for patients when other resources have been tapped, especially when financial struggles are interfering with the patient’s ability to heal or continue treatment.  

Maywood sees the need first hand as she works with young families in Maternity and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. "I’m surprised at the increase in need in patients," she said. "These are people who two or three years ago had no idea they’d be facing difficult times, so I think even more people will need the community resources that Munson offers."

catherine maywood