Munson Health
Cindy Glines, MD

As a physician specializing in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Cynthia Glines, MD, has been well acquainted with the inner workings of Munson Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit and other areas of the hospital.

As a recently appointed member of the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation Board of Trustees, she’s gaining a whole new perspective on the complicated nature of delivering quality health care in a challenging and ever-changing economic climate.

"It’s interesting to see the overall needs of the community in terms of health care, the facility needs at the hospital, and the challenge of supporting those needs financially," she said.

During 20 years of practicing at Munson Medical Center, Glines witnessed and participated in an evolution of the way medicine is practiced at the hospital and within the medical community.

"It’s been an amazing transformation, really," she said. "When I began, physicians did things their own way. Now, there has been a transfer to evidence-based medicine and adoption of best practices. It is no longer, ‘My way is best,’ but, ‘What is the best way to do this and let’s do it that way.’ It’s made a huge difference in the way medicine is being practiced."

Glines is married to urologist Robert Hall, MD, and remains well connected to the medical community.

She was asked to join the Foundation Board by past president Cathie Martin. "It was presented to me as an opportunity to serve, and I thought perhaps I had something valuable to offer as a board member," she said.