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Class Descriptions

Classes and times are subject to change. Please call in advance for more information. 

This class starts with a warm-up and progresses to a variety of mat exercises with hand weights and a med ball that will challenge your core. This is an exciting and good way to start on that 6-pack.

A great total body workout, improves both cardiovascular ability and strength. This class uses basic motion of squats, lunges, pushups, marches, presses and pulls in ever-changing ways to challenge your body. A variety of interval workouts will be introduces every class using hand weights, body weights, med balls, bands, step, and TRX. 

A little bit of everything: floor, steps, weights, and balance.

Begin this comprehensive workout with an extensive strengthening and toning routine for the legs and abs. Follow-up with fun, fast paced choreography that will increase your heart rate and burn calories.

Pilates is an exercise that blends strength, stretching, and flexibility which improves posture, decreases stress and creates long, lean muscles.

An abbreviated Pilates workout with all the benefits of a full Pilates class that covers mat positions while stabilizing core muscles, improving posture and balance.

Mat Pilates class focusing on students new to Pilates or those special health needs. The flow of the class is slow with position modification taught as needed.

Designed to improve daily living with a diverse blend of seated and standing exercises. This reviving group exercise class emphasizes cardio, flexibility, strength training, and improvement of reaction time and balance. The class is designed so that you can work at your own fitness level.

An energetic and upbeat aerobics class that is sure to get your body moving. This fun cardiovascular workout is appropriate for people of all fitness levels.

Tai Chi is an enjoyable exercise that can relieve pain, improve your health and your ability to do things. It is easy to learn & anyone can do it. Many people who learn the form, like it so much that they continue to practice and enjoy the benefits of Tai Chi for years.

Good for the mind, body, and soul. This stress-reliever will help you gain improved body awareness and flexibility.  Take this class to tone your muscles or use it as a compliment to your normal exercise routine.

Journey Program

Free program for cancer patients who are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, in remission and cancer survivors 2 years post treatment. This program runs for 10 weeks and is available to the first 10 people who turn in their paperwork. Please call for more information.

One hour of FUN! You'll learn easy to follow dance movies set to high energy Latin and international rhythms. This workout burns calories, and energizes and tones your body. 


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