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Recent PowerChart/FirstNet Changes

10.17.14    Admission Overdose Update    View Update 
09.11.14    Transfer OUT of ICU/P2 PowerPlan Changes    View Update 
09.03.14    Results Legend, Inquired Details, Microbiology    View Update 
07.29.14    Blood Transfusion Ordering Refresher    View Update 
07.08.14    WARNING: TAP & GO Issue    View Update 
06.06.14    MPage Upgrade    View Update 
06.06.14    New PMP    View Update 
06.02.14    Discharge Roles    View Update 
05.27.14        Accessing Unit Based Med Rec Report        View Update
05.22.14   HNM Name Change   View Update
05.22.14   iPATH Update   View Update
05.14.14   New Message Center Deficiency   View Update
05.12.14   PxDx   View Update
05.09.14   Discharge Tips Nursing     View Update
05.01.14   Falls    View Update
04.29.14   Nurse Manager & Educator Review    View Update
04.28.14   Pain Reassessment Task Timing for Nitro    View Update
04.23.14   Additions to IVT & Radiology PowerPlans    View Update
04.18.14   How to Multi Select to Manage Problems & Diagnoses   View Update
04.14.14   Transfer Reconciliation   View Update