Munson Health
Community Collaborations

County Human Services Collaborative Bodies

Munson Community Health represents Munson Medical Center on five area county-based Human Services Collaborative committees. These committees exist to promote cooperative work and sharing of resources and information, with a goal toward improved overall coordination of programs and services.


HelpLink is a network of volunteer navigators who connect people to resources in the Traverse Bay region (Antrim, Benzie, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, and Kalkaska). Many people in crisis do not know the scope of available options or how to make arrangements for assistance. Navigators are trained to guide people, in identifying needs, suggesting options, and expediting help.

HelpLink is a free service that connects people who have family or personal needs to a range of options for assistance.

Traverse Bay Poverty Reduction Initiative

Traverse Bay Poverty Reduction Initiative (PRI) is a collaborative group of organizations and individuals working to address issues of poverty in the five-county area of Northwest Michigan (Antrim, Benzie, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, and Kalkaska). The association between poor health and poverty is well established. The ability to stay employed, to provide and care for one's family, and to nurture children can all be seriously compromised by health problems. While they are among those most in need of health care, people in poverty often have the least access to services, and are among those least able to use it effectively. Involvement of health care providers in developing solutions to the health care access crisis is crucial.

PRI includes many community partners from the private and public sectors, reflecting the belief that effective solutions must engage as many available local resources as possible, and that the entire community shares responsibility for responding to the needs of families in the crisis of poverty.

Partnerships with Adolescent Health Centers

Munson Community Health staff contribute their expertise to a number of local initiatives aimed at improving the health of area youth. Efforts are focused on promoting good nutrition and physical activity, as well as improving youth health care access within the school and community setting. Through its involvement, Munson Community Health staff act as a liaison for multiple departments within the hospital or between community agencies. The services of dietitians, nurses, and other health educators have been mobilized to advise and/or provide health educational programs. At present, staff serves as members of advisory committees for two adolescent health clinics: the Traverse Area Youth Health and Wellness Center and K-Town Youth Care. The adolescent health centers are school-based, run by the Grand Traverse County Health Department, and serve the health care needs of youth ages 10 - 21. Munson Medical Center also contributes in-kind assistance to these programs.

Collaboration with the Traverse Health Clinic

The Traverse Health Clinic  provides access to affordable health services through community collaboration to people in need. Munson Healthcare supports the Traverse Health Clinic as a primary provider of Medicaid and the uninsured as the clinic applies for Federally Qualified Health Care (FQHC) Look Alike status and subsequent FQHC status while they develop a long-range plan to sustain operations.

Munson Medical Center provides its ongoing support of the Traverse Health Clinic in all of the following ways:

  • Offering substantial financial support for clinic operations.
  • Serving as members of the FQHC look alike application joint task force.
  • Serving as a member of the Traverse Health Clinic Board.
  • Providing a partnership with the Munson Family Practice Clinic to strengthen physician services during clinic hours, offering consultation services, and providing management of the Traverse Health Clinic patients when they require hospital care.
  • Being a collaborating member of the Behavioral Health Network, a collaboration that provides behavioral health assessment, referrals, and consultation services for patients on site at the Traverse Health Clinic. Other Behavioral Health Network members include: Catholic Human Services, Child and Family Services, Third Level, and Northern Lakes Community Mental Health.
  • In-kind donations of medication, staffing, labs, etc.