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Community Health Heroes

Community Health Heroes

Munson Healthcare, through the Munson Healthcare Community Health Committee, recognizes individuals and organizations in our community who contribute significantly toward improving the health and well-being of our community. These are our Community Health Heroes.

Community Health Heroes promote health and wellness, chronic disease prevention and management, and support community health improvement by focusing on the unmet needs and root causes of poor health in our community.


Many Rooms - Family of Faith Lutheran Church
"Many Rooms"  ministry helps provide free housing for community visitors receiving outpatient services or whose loved ones are patients at the hospital. After learning of the difficultly some visitors had in finding n affordable place to stay, the congregation, which has no permanent home of their own, were inspired to reach out and offer temporary shelter to those in need. The grass-roots effort pairs up people in the community who have a spare room in their home and want to share with those who need a [place to stay while receiving outpatient medical care or supporting a loved one in the hospital. Read more about the Many Rooms ministry.

Community Health Hero - Many Rooms - Family of Faith Lutheran Church PHOTO: The Many Rooms project at Family of Faith Lutheran Church in Traverse City recently was recognized as a Community Health Hero by Munson Healthcare’s Community Health Committee. Community Health Committee Chair Dan Johnson, second from right, and Munson Medical Center President Al Pilong, right, recently honored members of the church including from left: Heather  and Emilia Cerone, Jody Ferry, Denise Arlt, Associate Pastor Glenn Arlt, Church Council President John Sarya, Sue LeCouteur, and Pastor Daniel LeCouteur.

Progress Village

Progress Village is a group of neighbors who want to play an active role in their community's response to poverty by helping others understand the reality and challenges of living in the crisis of poverty. This grass roots effort of dedicated people is making a difference by creating opportunities and solutions to move people out of poverty and better serve those living in poverty. Since there is often a direct correlation between poor health and poverty, the work of Progress Village is making a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community. Read more about Progress Village.

Community Health Hero - Progress VillagePHOTO: Celebrating the recognition of Progress Village as a Community Health Hero are back row from left,  Claudia Crisp of Progress Village, Ranae McCauley of United Way of Northwest Michigan, Dana Tuller of Progress Village, Nikia Parker of Progress Village, and Jan Warren of Northwest Michigan Council of Governments. In the front row from left are Diane Butler of Munson Medical Center, and Dan Johnson, chair of the Munson Healthcare Community Health Committee.