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Diabetes Education & Support

Your doctor’s office calls and tells you that you have diabetes. Those aren’t easy words to hear. What do you do now? First, don't panic. Take it slow. Learn about diabetes. It is very important to have the latest information and practical suggestions to successfully manage diabetes and live a healthy life.  

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that can be well managed with the help of your health care team. The Diabetes Education program at Munson Medical Center is certified by the Michigan Department of Community Health and the American Diabetes Association. The registered nurses and registered dietitians are certified diabetes educators who will provide you with the tools you need to self-manage your diabetes. We address the educational and emotional needs of those living with diabetes.

Diabetes Education Services

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For more information, please call Diabetes Education at (231) 935-8200 or 1-800-809-8127.

For additional information about diabetes, visit the American Diabetes Association web site at