Munson Health
Dragon Class Registration


To register for a class, click on the desired class link below. 

All classes will be held at Munson Medical Center in Computer Room 5 (located in the basement) unless otherwise noted below.

If you already registered for a class and need to cancel, click here

Registration is required 24 hours prior to the class to ensure access is in place. If there are no registrations for a class by this time, the class will be canceled. Please do not plan to attend a class you did not register for.

 Monday, April 21  1730-1930  Class Full
 Thursday, April 24    0700-0900  Register
 Thursday, April 24  1730-1930  Register
 Monday, April 28  0700-0900  Class Full
 Thursday, May 1  1730-1903  Register
 Monday, May 5  1730-1930  Register
 Thursday, May 8  1730-1930  Register
 Tuesday, May 13  0700-0900  Register
 Wednesday, May 14  1730-1930  Register
 Thursday, May 15  1730-1930  Register 
 Monday, May 19  1730-1930  Register
 Tuesday, May 27  1730-1930  Register
 Thursday, May 29  1730-1930  Register