Munson Health

What region is served by Munson Medical Center?

The hospital serves as a regional referral hospital for 24 counties in northern Michigan (population: 593,431) and is the only Level II Trauma Center north of Grand Rapids. It offers the latest medical technology, including daVinci robotic surgery and stereotactic radiosurgery.

How many patients do you see each year?

Following are statistics from FY 2013:
ED visits: 51,765
Births: 1,812
Inpatient admissions: 22,386
Surgical procedures: 23,409 (includes 8,908 surgeries performed at Northwest Michigan Surgery Center)  

I would like to work for Munson – how do I apply?

Go to and follow the prompts to complete an application.

Why do I have to apply online?

Applying online allows us to collect all documentation and forward to the hiring manager(s) as well as note dates for interviews, references, interviews, etc.

I already work for Munson and would like to apply for a different job – what do I need to do?

If you are currently a Munson employee, be sure you have reviewed the Transfer Policy prior to applying online. Follow the prompts for “current employees click here.”

When can I transfer to a new job?

Upon reading the Transfer Policy, employees are expected to complete one year of employment in their current job classification before they are eligible to transfer to another job classification, unless there is an agreement from both managers to transfer the employee at an earlier date. Follow the prompts for “current employees click here.”

Will I have a better chance at getting hired if I bring my resume’ in to the Human Resources office?

Munson processes all employment applications electronically via our website. We are unable to accept typed copies in our Human Resource office.

How do I know my application went through?

If you accurately completed the application, you will receive an email indicating your application has been received. Be sure to check your spam or junk email.

Can I attach my resume to the application?

By following the application process, you may copy and upload your resume to populate the application. You cannot attach your resume due virus concerns with attachments.

How soon will I hear from Munson after I apply?

Munson’s recruiters are working on many positions simultaneously and actively pursuing the best talent to care for our patients. Due to the volume of applications, we will only contact applicants who are moving forward in the interview process.  

Who can I call to check on the status of my application?

It is not necessary to call HR to check on the status of your application. You may check online by logging in at and viewing your application status.

My friend tells me to call the manager.  Should I contact the manager about my application?

We appreciate your interest in Munson. We ask that you do not call the manager and only work with Human Resources.  

Can I apply for a job that is labeled “internal” if I want to work for Munson?

Internal only positions are available only for current Munson employees.  

I could not complete the survey – what should I do now?

If you were interrupted during the survey, do not worry. The recruiter can send you an email link to complete the survey.