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About Us


Our Mission     


We are dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive health care through the establishment of long-term relationships with persons of all ages and their families. We are also committed to the education of Family Practice residents, Michigan State University medical students, and the education of other health care professional students through the Munson Family Practice Residency Program.                                                        

About Us

The Munson Family Practice Center (MFPC), in partnership with Michigan State University, is a state of the art family practice office that also serves as an educational facility. We treat all ages, from newborns to seniors.

Medical care is provided by residents (doctors-in-training), faculty physicians, and nurse practitioners. The residents have completed medical school, have earned medical degrees, and are practicing in a supervised setting as they prepare for board certification as family practice specialists. At all times, their work is under the direct supervision of one or more experienced, board certified faculty physicians.

By utilizing this program, you have the benefit of two physicians' care, as well as access to the finest in medical equipment and techniques. If you choose MFPC for your care, you will be helping in the education of new family physicians.

When a resident completes the three-year training program, you will have the option to see him or her if they start a practice locally. You may also choose to continue your care at the Family Practice Center with another health care provider. Because of training schedules, your physician may not be available at certain times, which may require you to be seen by one of your physician's colleagues.

In addition to physicians, primary health care at the MFPC is also provided by certified nurse practitioners. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has advanced education and clinical training. Nurse practitioners serve as primary care providers for children and adults during health and illness.

After Hours

In a severe, life-threatening emergency, call 911.

For any non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries, please call Munson Family Practice Center during office hours. However, if you need assistance when the office is closed, call the Munson Medical Center switchboard at (231) 935-5000 to page an on-call staff physician.

Patient Portal

Be sure to ask about our Patient Portal; patients that are already enrolled in our Portal can follow this link to log on,

Tobacco Cessation Group Visit:

Munson Family Practice Center offers group visits to help improve your health. A group visit is a group education session that is led by a nurse practitioner and contains most of the elements of an individual patient visit. The goal of each visit is to provide you with a better understanding of your health issue as well as support you through any difficulties. Most participants find the group visit experience motivating, and supporting and more relaxing than a regular visit. We offer group visit for diabetes, smoking cessation and weight loss. The dates and times of group visits will be posted on the MFPC website. You can also call to enroll into one of these groups.