Munson Health
Problem Gambling Counseling

Gambling addiction has been identified as a growing problem by state and local agencies. As with other addictions, gambling poses a real threat to the health and financial stability of families and businesses in our community. To minimize the damage that gambling can inflict on individuals and the community, it is essential for people with these problems to receive help as soon as signs of problem gambling can be identified. 

Our Program

Munson Behavioral Health Services answers this need through its state-certified program and its involvement in the statewide Gambling Treatment Network.
Our confidential services include:

  • Family members eligible for three free sessions
  • Screening for gambling addiction
  • Assessment for co-existing addictions or mental health issues
  • Ongoing counseling and treatment
  • Referral and follow-up
  • Financial assistance for those in need

For more information and assistance, please call Munson Behavioral Health Services at (231) 935-6382 or 1-800-662-6766. Or feel free to contact us by email.