Munson Health
Helicopter Services

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North Flight's helicopter, a light turbine model, is capable of a 140 mph cruising speed with a range of 400 miles. Added safety features include satellite weather reporting and night vision goggles. North Flight is the first air medical transport program in Michigan to utilize night vision goggles. Within minutes of a request, the helicopter and flight crew, consisting of a critical care nurse and flight paramedic, can be airborne.

The aircraft is utilized for 911 scene response and hospital to hospital transport and is equipped with:

  • Advanced trauma equipment
  • Cardiac monitor and defibrillator
  • Full complement of emergency medications
  • Intravenous fluids and infusion pumps
  • Invasive monitoring equipment
  • Spine stabilization equipment
  • Ventilator and advanced airway equipment

North Flight Air's primary response teams consist of registered nurses and paramedics who are highly trained in treating and transporting critically ill and injured patients. All North Flight Air clinical personnel are certified in advanced trauma, cardiac, neonatal and pediatric critical care.

All helicopter flights are conducted by, and operational control is exercised solely by, Metro Aviation, Inc