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HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule
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HIPAA Toolkit


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Flyers
     HIPAA FAQ #1 (10379 08/11)
     HIPAA FAQ #2 (10446 11/11)
     HIPAA FAQ #3 (10489 02/12)
     HIPAA FAQ #4 (10560 07/12)
     HIPAA FAQ #5 (10764 01/13)

     Don't Miss the Bus
     HIPAA Trumps Your Mother
     Lock and Leave 
     Red Light Green Light
     Report Card
     Shred Don't Dread
     Using Facebook?
     Will You Protect My Privacy
     Zippa the Lippa

Other HIPAA/HITECH Resources
Health & Human Services (HHS)     
     Patient Privacy: A Guide for Providers
     HIPAA and You: Building a Culture of Compliance
     Examining Compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule
     HIPAA Guidance Materials for Consumers
     Office of Civil Rights (OCR) YouTube Channel
     Privacy and Security of Health Information: 10 Step Plan for Meeting Privacy and Security Portions of Meaningful Use
     HIPAA Security Training Game -- CyberSecure: Your Medical Practice