Munson Health
Health Professional Recovery Program


Demanding schedules, high stress, and access to controlled substances put physicians and other health care professionals at risk for substance abuse. Recognition of that led the State of Michigan to establish the Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP) in 1994. Michigan has more than 150 HPRP-approved treatment providers, including one at Munson Medical Center. This confidential program provides health professionals with an opportunity to enter treatment and to recover from substance abuse or mental health disorders early in the disease process. It is unique because it covers a vast array of health professions including, but not limited to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, licensed counselors, occupational and physical therapists, and others.  

The program includes two years of monitoring with the goal of returning or keeping individuals with specialized skills working in their professions.

For more information and assistance, please call Munson Behavioral Health Services at (231) 935-6382 or 1-800-662-6766. Or feel free to contact us by email.