Munson Health
Intensive Outpatient Evening Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Evening Program allows you to keep your daytime schedule 

The Munson Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Traverse City offers an Intensive Outpatient Evening Program for anyone in northern Michigan who needs help with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, or is experiencing a relapse. This level of outpatient drug treatment  or outpatient alcohol treatment varies in length and includes three, three-hour evening group sessions, plus family and private, confidential counseling each week.

Program Benefits

  • Evening sessions allow for daytime work and family schedules   
  • Highly structured program with individual, family, and group confidential counseling, educational presentations, and individual and family assignments
  • Group meetings are held three evenings a week, for three-hour sessions
  • One evening a week includes family members
  • A personal family session and a confidential individual session also are arranged weekly.
  • Variable program length - typically eight weeks
  • Uses the 12-step model; attendance at 12-step groups is required
  • Participants establish a plan for ongoing drug or alcohol rehabilitation and recovery after the program
  • Collaboration with referral sources and physicians maximizes treatment effectiveness
  • Most insurance, Medicaid and state funding, and private pay accepted. Payment plans also are available.


We work with participants to stop the progression of their drug or alcohol dependency and help them begin their own personal rehabilitation and recovery program. Participants reach these goals by:

  • Gaining a higher awareness of alcohol abuse and drug dependency
  • Developing personal insights into the process and progression of their disease
  • Understanding the relationship between their disease and other life problems, including family relationships
  • Understanding the alcohol relapse, drug relapse, and rehabilitation process and increasing the motivation for positive change
  • Establishing a plan for ongoing rehabilitation and recovery after completing the program.


An individual, family member, or physician can make referrals to this outpatient drug treatment and outpatient alcohol treatment program. Referrals also come through the workplace, clergy, the judicial system, and other helping professionals in northern Michigan and beyond, from Brethren and Kalkaska to Grand Rapids and Holland. Payment program fees and financial arrangements will be discussed during the admission process. We accept most insurance companies, private payments, and Medicaid. State funding for the uninsured also may be available.

For a confidential conversation or more information, please call Munson Behavioral Health Services in Traverse City at (231) 935-6382 or 1-800-662-6766. Or, feel free to contact us by email about prescription addiction, drug addiction, or alcohol addiction services.