Munson Health
Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Long-Term Care Culture

The Eden Center Culture

We are called the ‘Eden Center' to emphasize the culture we believe in. The Eden Alternative™ is a concept that has helped us build a community where life centers around close and continuing contact with people, plants, animals, and children. We want our residents to find companionship and have opportunities to give as well as receive care. We hope our residents will continue to grow and enjoy the spontaneity of life. We feel that these things may succeed where pills and therapies sometimes cannot. As you walk through our home you will notice pets, playgrounds, high chairs, young children, living plants, and people sharing their lives with one another.

Health Needs -- Because our Eden Center is hospital-based, physicians and emergency medical care are available 24 hours a day. Nursing teams consist of RN's, LPN's, and certified nurses aides who work together to provide coordinated care around the clock. We are connected to Munson Medical Center by computer and can provide a smooth transition from the hospital by having immediate access to your recent medical history there. We are also connected to the doctor's office and the rural health clinic that brings in many specialists. With our northern Michigan winters it is especially nice to go to those appointments in the same building.

Rehabilitation -- Your total rehabilitation needs can be addressed within our facility. Staff therapists develop personalized rehab programs geared to your individual needs and requirements. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The therapists and nursing staff work together to coordinate resident care.

Dementia Care -- For our residents who require special considerations related to their dementia diagnosis, we offer a secure environment with staff trained to assist them in maintaining their abilities.

Resident Rooms -- Two people share most rooms. Furniture is provided, but you are encouraged to bring pieces from home like that favorite comfortable chair! Our staff will help you hang pictures for you to personalize your space. Cable is provided if you bring a TV. You will share a number with your roommate but each have your own phone by your bed for making local calls.

Dining -- Our dining rooms are open for extended times during each meal. Menu choices are on the table. You may go the buffet and choose, or you may have your meal brought to your table. Our chef often walks around the dining room to get feedback about meals. Snacks are always available upon request and will be offered in your room each evening.

Social Engagement and Meaningful Activity -- Our staff is devoted to getting to know our residents and engaging them in activities suited to their interests.We encourage our residents and their families to utilize the activity room, complete with a TV, kitchen, library, and games. Our day room provides visiting space, magazines, a TV, and puzzles. You can also enjoy the gazebo in the courtyard in good weather.

Intergenerational Day Care -- No home community is complete without a variety of ages. Our day care center for preschoolers is an integral part of our culture. Each day the children are visible joining the elders in games, snacks, singing and crafts. These one-on-one experiences are a growing experience for everyone.

Pets -- Birds, cats, and dogs are essential to our environment. Residents are encouraged to become involved in the care of the animals living in the center. Residents are encouraged to have their own pets from home brought in for Visits.