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Long Term Care

kalkaska memorial's eden center

Intergenerational activities promote growth and enjoyment of life.

The decision to seek extended care for your self or a loved one - and selecting the right environment – is often difficult. Kalkaska Memorial's Eden Center seeks to care for the whole human being, not just medical necessities. We acknowledge the need to continue to express ourselves and grow emotionally and spiritually and encourage that development.

Our Mission

Kalkaska Memorial's Eden Center supports an optimal level of well being for all our residents, family, and staff by utilizing the Eden concept to eliminate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom and promote growth and enjoyment of life.

Founded on the principles of quality and a commitment to care that's professional, interdisciplinary, and personal, you can be assured you and /or your loved one has a safe, warm, and comfortable home.

Visit Us

If you're searching for an extended care facility we encourage you to schedule a tour and meet our staff. In one visit you'll see why Kalkaska Memorial may be that special home you've been seeking.

For more information regarding long-term care at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center, please contact Tammi Tanner at (231)258-7574.