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The LAP-BAND® System helps you achieve sustained weight loss by limiting how much you can eat, reducing your appetite, and slowing digestion.

It is the only minimally-invasive, adjustable, and reversible FDA-approved surgical obesity treatment.

As with any weight-loss surgery, you should be well informed about the advantages, disadvantages, and risks involved. Surgery can help you achieve your long-term goal only if you commit to life-long changes in diet and exercise.

During the procedure, an inflatable silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach to create a new, small stomach pouch. This small pouch limits the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. The band also narrows the stomach outlet, regulating the flow of food. You feel full sooner and are satisfied with smaller amounts of food.


  • Lowest mortality rate of surgical options
  • Least invasive surgical approach
  • No stomach stapling, cutting, or intestinal re-routing
  • Adjustable and reversible
  • Lowest operative complication rate
  • Low risk of nutritional deficiencies


  • Slower initial weight loss than gastric bypass
  • Regular follow-up critical for optimal results
  • Requires implanted medical device
  • In some cases, band slippage can reduce effectiveness
  • Higher long-term risk of complications, versus other procedures, related to the device itself, requiring re-operation and/or revision

A New Approach

Munson’s Bariatric Surgery program offers patients with morbid obesity the LAP-BAND® System as an alternative to the Roux-en-Y procedure that bypasses part of the stomach and intestines.

“We believe the LAP-BAND is the right alternative for some patients,” said surgeon Michael A. Nizzi, DO. “As a less invasive procedure, there is less potential for operative complications, a shorter hospital stay, and there may be long-term weight loss comparable with the Roux-en-Y.”

For a typical patient, the procedure requires a 24-hour hospital stay. Because the band is removable, adjustable, and does not permanently alter the anatomy, it provides an option for patients who might not otherwise consider surgery for treatment of their obesity.
In all cases, Munson’s team of bariatric surgeons performs surgery only if it is the best choice for the patient’s health.

What is the referral process?

Every patient must attend a two-hour educational seminar hosted by Grand Traverse Surgery, PC before a referral can be made. Seminars are held monthly.

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