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Feel better. Live better.

Welcome to myWellness, a program designed to help Munson Medical Center staff focus on being healthier. You’ll find resources, links, and new content to help you eat right, find fun ways to exercise, and take a little time for yourself.

Living a healthy, balanced life is fairly simple: eat well, get exercise, sleep well, and take time for the people and activities that bring you joy. It sounds easy, but many of us struggle to put it into practice. We spend our work days in a demanding, intense setting. A lot of people depend on us to be at our best every day. We can only do that if we give ourselves the same kind of attentive care we provide to our patients. Each of us needs a personal care plan to be healthy, in mind, body and spirit.  

You don’t necessarily have to join a gym or go on a restrictive diet to be healthy. You do need to be aware of the dozens of small choices you make every day that result in the overall state of your health.    

Our nation is facing a health care crisis of record proportions because so many of us are not taking good care of ourselves. The myWellness guidelines and resources will help you make informed choices.  Being healthy is good – for you, for everyone who loves you, and for all the people who count on you.  

It’s up to all of us to lead the way by being great examples of good health.