Munson Health
Advisory Team


Diane Butler, Community Health

Health is not merely the absence of disease. To be truly healthy, we need to take a holistic approach incorporating the mind, body and spirit. Our goal should be a balance of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The reason I love photography is that it stimulates the creative side of my brain, promotes a sense of well-being, nurtures my soul and gets me out in nature, which increases my physical activity. The key to wellness is for each of us to do what we love.



Lyndsay Douglass, Wellness Coordinator, Human Resources

I view wellness as the sum of the decisions I make throughout the day, not a single meal or my last workout. Both physical and mental well-being are attained when I eat wholesome clean foods, take personal time for myself, and exercise. As a parent, I believe that being happy, healthy, and taking care of myself is an important part of leading by example. I look forward to continuing my work with the mywellness programming, as I truly believe this program has the ability to make a difference.


Kathleen Brown, MCHC Pharmacy

Hiking in a beautiful setting benefits my body, mind and spirit. Helping patients take medications correctly is my passion; I want to help improve the health of your body, mind and spirit. If you are taking more than 3 medications, please make an appointment with me to assure your medication wellness.


Jennifer Knapp, Corporate Communications

Like many working moms, I just don’t have the time to go to the gym or exercise classes. So I try to focus on making good choices – like eating one less Oreo – and being active with my kids.  Whether it is kicking around a soccer ball or taking “the long way” to a meeting, I work to make wellness part of what I am already doing.  I also try to “eat like a kid”.  If it is important for them to eat their fruits and veggies…it is important for me too!  


Laura McCain, Food and Nutrition Services

I have loved to cook since junior high. My big brother would come home with his buddies and I would test out all of my latest recipes on them. My mom graduated with a Food & Business degree from Purdue University in 1955, so I guess dietetics is in my lineage. I’ve been a dietitian for 32 years, and received my chef degree from NMC about 10 years ago. I love to talk about food from both the medical and culinary perspective. A healthy diet should be the most delicious diet of them all! I love to jog, strength train, go camping, sew and knit. I own two spinning wheels and love to go to fiber festivals in the summer. (Fiber that turns into yarn, not the edible kind.)

Noranne Morin, Employee Health

Wellness is a journey to me.  It is ongoing, and the good thing about it is that there are always positive changes that we can make to improve our health. In order to stay healthy I like to take long walks with my dog Fritz, ride my bike, and kayak with my husband.  Kayaking is new for us and we really like it.  I also am a member of Weight Watchers and I try to stay on track with good nutrition. 


Sue Peters, Human Resources

With Munson’s wellness efforts, I look forward to learning more about what I can do to stay healthy so I can keep doing the things I love to do; one of those being hiking in Canada with my husband, Dave, and dog, Keeley.  If I can take steps now to stay healthy in the future, I want to do that – for my family, my work, my future.


Mary Ramseyer, A7


Amy Ream, MCHC PT

Wellness to me is learning how to balance family, work, exercise.  My husband and I are teaching that nutrition, exercise, and sleep are important components to our children.  I love to play all sports but especially hockey, and softball.  I also enjoy running, and a highlight for me was running the Disney Marathon.  Running gives me the time to think, and try to solve problems.  I may not be great at the balance but we are certainly trying.


Pat Ritola, RBC Implementation Leader

"If I don't take care of my body, where am I going to live?"  This quote has inspired me to make healthy decisions.

Rachel Roe, Legal Department

Being my best possible self – physically, mentally, and emotionally – is what wellness means to me.  It means making conscious decisions every day that will optimize my physical, mental and emotional health.



Jeff Rose, Employment Services, Human Resources

I have been involved in highly successful wellness programs and have seen the transformative power of “wellness not illness”.   I am thrilled to be part of the wellness journey at Munson and look forward to our employees and their families having access to better health.



Amy Tennis, Benefits, Human Resources

As I approach 50, I am more and more interested in changing my lifestyle to be more wellness conscious. I am convinced that the investment I make now will pay off later, allowing me to be more active, feel better and resist illness later in life when I’m more vulnerable. Life is complicated and way too short. Throw your best self at it!


Steve Tongue, Facilities

I had an earlier career experience developing a wellness facility at Alpena Regional Medical Center.  I also promote “Smart Commuting” at Munson and lead Munson’s “Facilities Green Team”.  For personal wellness, I enjoy mountain biking, cross country skiing, kayaking, playing hockey in the “G (over 50) league” and riding my bike to work.

Terry Whalen, Laboratory