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Get Moving

AIM for 100

The current national recommendation on physical activity is for 150 minutes each week of “moderate-intensity” exercise. Researchers have determined that walking at a speed of at least 100 steps per minute fulfills the lower limit of moderate-intensity exercise. If you walk more than 100 steps in a minute, great. As a general rule, the more intense your activity, the better it is for your heart. If you have health issues, consult your physician before starting any exercise program. 

Strengthen Your Muscles

Try some of these activities a few days a week:

  • Sit-ups
  • Heavy gardening (digging or shoveling)
  • Doing push-ups on the floor or against the wall
  • Lifting small weights (you can even use cans of food as weights)
  • Find a time that works for you. Try fitting in 10 minutes of activity before work or in the evening after dinner.


Do Something Physically Active with Your Children

Kids need physical activity, too. No matter what the age of your children or grandchildren, you can find an activity you can do together. Dance to music, take a walk, run around the park, or play basketball or soccer together.

Munson Bonus Tip:
On rainy days, take your walk in the parking garage. The incline will enhance your calorie burning.