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Thursday, November 10, 2011 - Munson Pharmacist Honored by State Association

Michael Tiberg, PharmD, is "dedicated to doing the right thing for patients..."
Munson Pharmacist Honored by State Association

Michigan SHSP names Michael Tiberg ‘Pharmacist of the Year’

Munson Medical Center pharmacist Michael Tiberg, PharmD, recently was honored by the Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists as the 2011 Pharmacist of the Year.

Tiberg currently serves as a clinical pharmacy specialist in infectious diseases at the hospital. The association cited Tiberg’s leadership, achievement, commitment to health-system pharmacy and community service as demonstrating “innovated practice, professional demeanor, integrity, and ethics.”

Munson Pharmacy Manager Terry Baumann concurs with those observations.

“Mike is hard working, articulate, is looked to as a role model pharmacist by our staff as well as pharmacists across the state,” Baumann said. “He is absolutely dedicated to doing the right thing, for patients, his fellow employees, and Munson Medical Center.”

In addition to his role in infectious disease, Tiberg also is an adjunct assistant professor of clinical pharmacy at Ferris State University. He received his bachelor of science degree in pharmacy from FSU, and his doctorate from the University of Illinois. Tiberg is a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist. 

Tiberg said it means a lot to be honored by his professional colleagues in the state.

“I was very surprised and it’s a great honor,” he said. “I look at the award as really for all the pharmacists at Munson. We have a great department and a lot of well qualified, dedicated people.”

Since 1978, Tiberg has been actively involved as a member of the Northern Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists. He served as a board member, vice president, and was president in 2002-2003.