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Friday, May 25, 2012 - 'Life Changing' Experience Restores Her Hope

Munson Medical Center's Partial Hospitalization Program helps restore patient's lives.

‘Life-Changing’ Experience Restores Her Hope
 Munson Partial Hospitalization Program helps patients live normal lives
Renee married at 22 years old and had her first child two years later. But within 12 years, she had been in three abusive relationships and hit the pit of despair.
“I was first diagnosed with bipolar-I disorder and severe depression/anxiety disorder in 2003 after a manic episode and suicide attempt,” she said. “I was raised by very supportive, family oriented Catholic parents. This diagnosis came as a surprise to my parents because they never recognized any warning signs.”
Renee arrived at Munson Medical Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program after spending time as a hospital inpatient. “The opportunity to be involved with the Partial Hospitalization Program has been life changing. The support, coping skills, and medicine changes have helped me feel like I have some opportunities worth living for,” she said.
National statistics show one in four American adults struggle with a diagnosable, treatable mental health conditions, such as depression, that when treated would allow them to live normal lives.
At Munson Medical Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program, patients will find qualified professionals able to help those suffering with depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and substance abuse.
“We also work to help patients who are struggling with family, work, and relationship issues,” said Cynthia Gray, R.N., Partial Hospitalization Program coordinator. “This is a very safe and confidential environment. We see more than 300 patients each year.”
Staff for the program include a psychiatrist, nurses, and a mental health therapist.
For Renee’, skills from the program allowed her to rejoin the workforce and has been employed at the same location for more than four years.
“I would not be alive in this world without the benefits I receive from this job, the support from my parents, and the opportunity to be involved in a program such as PHP,” she said.
May is national Mental Health Month. Many national experts now believe that America is facing a mental health crisis. Mental and substance abuse conditions are among the most prevalent health disorders in the United States.
“There is greater recognition nationally about how essential mental health is to our overall health and well-being,” Gray said. “We have an incredible amount of knowledge about how to identify and even prevent mental health conditions. It’s important we spread the word about it.”
For more information about Munson’s Partial Hospitalization Program, call (231) 935-6880.