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Thursday, October 24, 2013 - Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation Moving

Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation Moving
Relocation will help make way for cancer center construction

Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation, Advance Care Planning, and Munson Medical Center Volunteer Services will move from 210 Beaumont Place to 1150 Medical Campus Drive on Oct. 24.

The move will allow for demolition of 210 Beaumont Place as the hospital prepares to break ground on the Cowell Family Cancer Center next spring.

Munson Vice President of Facilities Steve Tongue said 1150 Medical Campus, formerly called Building 29, is the northernmost cottage of the former Traverse City State Hospital and has been remodeled as an office building.

“The building has four levels with approximately 8,800 square feet per floor,” he said. “We are using it for departments that need walkable access to the hospital.”

During the past two years, the hospital has moved severaldepartments off the medical campus to “decompress” the campus and reduce the traffic traveling through area neighborhoods.

Parking for 1150 Medical Campus Drive will be on the east side of the building near the employee parking structure. Phone numbers for all three departments will remain the same. The numbers are:
• Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation, (231) 935-7913
• Advance Care Planning, (231) 935-6176
• Volunteer Services, (231) 935-5129

Additional departments will move into the building in the future.