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Nursing Students
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Nursing Student PowerChart Online Course

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How to Co-Sign Nursing Student Medication Administration at MMC

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Nursing Student Home Practice
Ordering PAL From Home

PowerChart Class for Fundamental Students
Complete the Nursing Student PowerChart Online Course prior to class. Click Healthstream link at the top of page ad follow the directions for logging in. The course will take 1.5 hours. For best retention, complete the course within 2 days of the 1st class.
Bring the completed course exam to the 1st PowerChart class. You will not be admitted to the class without the exam.

Ferris Review Class Schedule
Friday, August, 29th 1400 - 1630 in MMC Computer Classroom #3

NMC Review Class Schedule
Tuesday, August 26th: 0900-1130
Tuesday, August 26th: 1200-1400
Tuesday, August 26th: 1600-1830
Wednesday, August 27th: 1200-1400
Wednesday, August 27th: 1600-1830

NMC Fall Class Schedule
Monday, September 15th 1400-1800 
Tuesday, September 16th 1400-1800
Thursday, September 18th 1200-1600
Friday, September 19th 0930-1330

Monday, September 22nd 1400-1800
Tuesday, September 23rd 1400-1800
Thursday, September 25th 1200-1600
Friday, September 26th 0930-1330

Monday, September 29th 1400-1700
Tuesday, September 30th 1400-1700
Thursday, October 2nd 1200-1500
Friday, October 3rd 0930-1230

Monday, October 6th 1400-1700
Tuesday, October 7th 1400-1700
Thursday, October 9th 1200-1500
Friday, October 10th 0930-1230

All NMC Classes will be held in MMC Computer Classroom #2.