Munson Health
Nutritional and Diabetic Counseling

A Registered Dietitian Can Help

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital recognizes the important role nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle. Our Registered Dietitian is available to the public for instruction and education on a variety of topics including:

  • Allergies
  • Celiac Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Eating Disorders
  • Heart Health
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Kidney Restriction
  • Sodium Restrictions
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Vegetarianism
  • Weight Loss

Consultation Process

A Registered Dietitian will meet with you on an individual basis to discuss appropriate dietary modifications taking into consideration lifestyle and food preferences. Written materials will be provided to summarize the diet education discussed during the appointment. Additional information on behavior modification, dining out, "fast foods", or exercise may also be provided. If possible, the individual responsible for meal preparation is encouraged to accompany you.

Follow-up appointments can be scheduled to provide continued support and to modify the diet or goals, if needed.


A physician’s referral is required for insurance coverage. To schedule an appointment with the dietitian, please call Central Scheduling at (231) 352-2260.


An initial consultation fee or follow-up fee will be charged at the time of service.

What is a Registered Dietitian?

The letters "RD" after a person's name signifies that he/she has completed requirements established by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, the credentialing agency for the American Dietetic Association. This includes a minimum of a bachelors degree and an accredited pre-professional experience program. Registered Dietitians demonstrate their knowledge of food and nutrition by successfully passing a national credentialing exam and by completing ongoing professional development.