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“I donate to the hospital foundation where I work, and I never thought I would be in a position to need help. My son was born at 31 weeks and spent 34 days in Munson’s NICU. I wanted to stay at Munson Manor and spend all of my time with him. I was just winging it and I didn’t know how I would get money to pay for anything. We were given $300 to help with utilities and that was a huge, huge help.”
- Ashley Maleport, Gaylord

Other Needs

Munson Manor
As a regional referral center, Munson Medical Center serves patients who travel a great distance for quality health care. Since 2000, Munson Manor Hospitality House has been a "home away from home" for family members of out-of-town patients who face the added stress of traveling during a loved one's hospitalization. The facility also is available for patients and their caregivers who must find lodging during outpatient treatments and procedures. Munson Manor offers 30 comfortable rooms and two RV pads with connections. It is located directly behind Munson Medical Center. The 110-year-old building requires constant upkeep. In 2012, a $38,550 foundation grant paid for 32 pieces of furniture for the Hospitality House.

“I can’t imagine what this turn of events would have been like without the Manor. My husband has been here in the hospital 85 days so far and we live three hours away. Bless this place, and all the wonderful people who keep it so nice.”

Patient Needs Fund
Munson’s Patient Needs Fund provides assistance to patients and families who need help with transportation costs, utility bills, daycare costs, etc. while seeking treatment for their health. Many of the families who are helped are in crisis, and support from the Patient Needs Fund allows them to continue their medical care.